2019 - GOOD INTENTIONS - 'Artisan Lava' Riesling, Mt Gambier

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Andrew Burchell is the living legend behind the great 'slurpy durpy' wines from Good Intentions winery - he grew up in Mount Gambier and knew straight away that the cherished volcanic soils around the world made iconic wines like in Italy on Mt Etna, Auvergne in France etc...

So after sharing wine experiences outside his home land, Andrew came back to Mount Gambier to start planting his vines. In results his wines have a drive to them, an energy and purity. 

This Riesling is interesting, with some short skin contact and partly oxidation, this serious wine has aromas of cidery oxidied apples, with fresh green almond notes. On the palate it's so refreshing, with a high acidity back bone, some salty flavors at the finish. Such an interesting drink !