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2020 - AVANI - Amrit Pinot Gris on skins, Mornington Peninsula

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Shashi and Devendra Singh have been growing grapes biodynamically on their Red Hill South farm since 2005 and have been producing an outstanding Syrah under the label "Avani Syrah" since 2009. Shashi believes on minimal intervention in her winemaking process and works on maintaining natural acidity in her wines. Since 2015, they have been sourcing quality fruits around the Mornington peninsula to extend their offering and create the "Amrit" range. 

This Pinot Gris is made from a vineyard in Shoreham, before it's fermented with natural yeast in old oak barrels - the grapes are left to stay in touch with the juice, which we call "skin contact" allowing long extraction of color, aroma, and structure (also called orange wine). 

The wine has a bright orange, with pale pink grapefruit shades. The nose is powerful due to the skin-contact with aromas of bergamot tea, guava, spices and orange rind on the nose. Savoury and textural, dry tannins and long finish. 

Great wine to have with your spicy dishes, curries and fatty meats (pork roast). 

Note - this new release 2020 is in a clear bottle !