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Great timing - delicious fruit driven Cabernet Franc, if you're like us and love Cabernet Franc - this is the pack for you. 

You will get in this pack 3 expressions of the grape made different ways from natural wine producers, in the Loire Valley : 

1 x Du Mortier - St Nicolas de Bourgueil 2018 

1 x Bruno Dubois - Saumur Champigny Rouge 2018 

1 x Babass - Vin de France Beaulieu sur Layon 2018 


Firstly, you will get this 'Glou-glou' Cabernet Franc, is singing of purity, freshness and juicy fruit and so naturally refreshing. Fabien and Cyril Boisard  have been making organic wines in the appellation of St Nicolas de Bourgueil since 1996..their approach is to work very close to the environment to harvest the best quality grapes and being non interventionist in the winery.

Secondly, there is Bruno's Cabernet Franc, it's juicy, fruit driven but has more complexity and power, aromas of cassis and plums, smooth and velvety. Bruno started his first vintage in 2002, now with his full organic vineyard, he also uses biodynamic principles and runs 3.5 hectares in total, his Cabernet Franc ferments in large terracota clay pots, and stay in there for 7 months before bottling. 

Last but not least, the legendary Babass (alias Sebastien Deuvrieux) is a key player in the artisan-wine milieu. Babass was one of the two guys who were behind les Griottes (another iconic natural wine farm from Anjou). Babass and Pat Desplats were among the first rebels in Anjou to schew so2 during the whole vinification. They parted a while ago to each run a smaller vineyard on their own. In 2011 Babass decided to stand on his own and establish his 2.4 hectares of Cabernet Franc, Grolleau and Chenin Blanc. His wines sum up natural wine for a lot of people – wild but pure and compellingly drinkable.