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2021 Château Barouilet - Bergerac Rouge "Larcin"

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Carbonic maceration for around ten days then we uncover it. The grapes are then destemmed and crushed to be returned to vats to finish their fermentation in classic maceration but without extraction. The wine is then put into barrels or demi-muids (600l barrels) all of at least 3 wines for around 10 months. It is then bottled without fining,
filtration and sulfiting.

 Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Fer Servadou


“The identity of the fruit or the Mover in stilettos”

The coat is black, dense, tending towards purple. On the nose, it is an explosion of aromas ranging from propolis licorice to small crunchy red fruits. After aeration the nose is marked by blackcurrant. In the mouth, the fruit dominates, it is both fresh and delicious. The tannins caressing the palate elegantly remind us that this is a wine from the South-West and modify the vision of a light wine that the sense of smell might have led us to imagine.

Larcin is a little bipolar, he manages to combine a wine of thirst and character with great elegance. He's a mover in stilettos.

It is an ideal companion for almost all occasions. It can go well with the most refined dishes, duck breast with plum sauce, but also with simple grilled meats. The most important thing is to be well surrounded to appreciate it.