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2021 - JEAN YVES PERON - Vin Cee Blanc - Vicini Moscato Italy

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Jean-Yves Péron is a young artisan patiently reviving ancient, almost forgotten high-altitude vineyards in the French Alps, near Albertville. After studying oenology in Bordeaux, he trained with natural winemakers Thierry Allemand and Jean-Louis Grippat in the Rhône Valley and Bruno Schueller in Alsace. Started in 2004, he works with multiple steeply terraced micro-parcels (3 hectares total) of 115-30 year old Jacquere and Mondeuse vines, planted to friable mica-schist soils; his oldest parcels were planted in 1893, and have not seen phylloxera. Organic farming, indigenous yeasts, non-interventionist winemaking, avoidance of filtering and fining and use of little or no sulphur make these natural wines of the first rank.

In 2017 Jean Yves Peron started a new project on the other side of the Alps, between Asti & Monferrato, in collaboration with some organic winemakers. 

This Moscato stays 2 weeks on skins before being pressed. The wine is aromatic, bone dry with some tannins, full texture still with great acids to balance the wine.