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2021 - DOMAINE DES DEUX TERRES - Vin de France "Zig Zag" Syrah/ Grenache, Ardeche

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Domaine Les Deux Terres is the collaborative vineyard of two winegrowers, Vincent Fargier and Manu Cuni, who decided to stop selling their grapes to the local co-op and start making their own wine together. Les Deux Terres means ‘the two lands’, a reference to the unification of their two adjoining vineyards. Inspired by some pioneer in natural winemaking, they decided to make wine with very low intervention and an utmost respect for the fruit.

This Syrah Grenache blend, is juicy, savoury, bright & delicious. It's fermented in tank but spends 8 months ageing in barrels. Delicious red fruits, red berries, meaty but also delicate notes of violets, thyme and rosemary. No filtration, no fining, no SO2.